A collective, collaborative relationship between the human, the animal, the plant & the soil.
We begin by treating the land as a living organism, by restoring itís vital life energy which has disappeared.

Why Biodynamics?

Because it works!

For the past 21 years, I have had the opportunity to practice biodynamic agriculture as a full-time farmer in Fresno, CA. Based on my 21+ years of experience, I would be afraid to engage in any other type of agriculture practice because most other practices are not self sufficent nor sustainable. Currently we are farming approximately 100 acres of Demeter certified biodynamic vineyards, almonds, mixed vegetables and citrus. What the past 2 decades have demonstrated to me is a vast improvement of soil performance (to include better structure, increased humus levels and microbiological activity, increased water holding capacity, increased performance); average and above average production performance depending on weather conditions (to include better tasting product and longer shelf life); and greater overall biodiversity (to include plant, animal, birds, and insect population diversity).

Biodynamic works withing the realms of the living and the rhythms of earth and sky. Future practitioners have to have the courage to think in new way, act decisively and willing to move differently. Biodynamics is the farming of the future, especially given the inconsistances of weather and seasonal abnormalities.

In 1924, Rudolf Steiner, gave us the gift of biodynamics. I can only hope more farmers find the courage to engage in this proven practice.

by Gena Nonini

Mary, MaryÖ.

how does your garden grow? Well with biodynamic compost of course! Rudiís poop composted with yarrow, stinging nettle, chamomile, oak bark, dandelion, valerian and a good dose of magic from the cosmos...

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